Does this story sound familiar?

In your 20’s you overall felt pretty good and could push your body farther on less sleep and crappy food. 

Then you hit your 30’s and you begin realizing that you should probably start taking care of your body.  Aches and pains started creeping in that you didn’t know were there, or you start having pain at the site of an old injury from high school.  You used to never think about your digestion, but are starting to have issues.  The stress is hi as you try to balance work, home, relationships, finances, and kids.  You used to be able to roll with the punches, but now the stress manifests as physical ailments (headaches, insomnia, neck tension etc).  Your energy levels are in the tank as you try to be everything to everyone, but have no reserves left and aren’t making the time to take care of yourself.

In your 40’s your hormones go on the fritz and you feel like your body has been taken hostage by a lunatic intruder.

In your 50’s there’s some more aches and pains and stress amps up as you think about money, college tuition, and look towards retirement. 

In your 60’s and beyond you do your best to manage the aches and pains, keep the prescriptions to a minimum, and age as gracefully as possible.

These are the stories I hear every day in my clinic!  Our bodies are our guides and give us feedback all the time if we are willing to listen.  I love helping my clients understand what their bodies are telling them.  Then TOGETHER we come up with a game plan for achieving optimal health.  

Why Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a way to help you reconnect with your body.  Acupuncture accesses the energetic circuits in your body.  These circuits run from head to toe and if they’re flowing smoothly, you’ll have vibrant health, be energized, and be pain free.  Picture these circuits knotted up like a ball of yarn, would you be able to knit or sew with it?  Acupuncture corrects these disorganized messages your body is getting and helps to reconnect and straighten out the circuits so your body starts working properly again, can manage stress, correct imbalances, and relive pain.

Why Teamwork

Then once people start feeling better, it’s a whole lot easier to start thinking about reasonable and attainable lifestyle changes that can help further support your body and help you maintain lasting change.  I am your healthcare cheerleader and can help you sort through all the information, or sometimes misinformation, out there (hello doctor google!).  My patients often comment on how much they appreciate just being listened to and not be rushed in their appointments. 


Why Now

How would your health change if you had someone knowledgeable ready to listen to your story, received expert guidance, and had a holistic modality like acupuncture to support your body from a physical, mental, and spiritual level?  If you are ready to invest in your health, are open to a new approach, are ready to face roadblocks that seem to keep getting in your way, and are ready to reconnect with your body, then I’d love the opportunity to work with you.  I invite you to take advantage of the free 15 minute, no strings-attached, phone consultation to find out if acupuncture and holistic medicine is right for you!